12th and Porter

12th and Porter, a music venue/bar/restaurant near the Gulch, closed its doors February 28, 2015 and was reopened in February 2016 under new ownership. Since I am a recent transplant to the area, I have only seen the venue under its new ownership. My husband and I went to see The White Buffalo in April, and it was an incredible show; I highly suggest you check them out if you’re into any kind of loud raspy folk rock. Believe it or not, this was the first show we have been to since we moved here.

12th and Porter reminds me of a place in DC called the 9:30 club. It has a similar setup on the inside and the same feeling of intimacy with the band on stage; however, 12th and Porter is much smaller. My husband is a HUGE White Buffalo fan, and when I found out they were coming to Nashville I immediately bought tickets.

The venue has a restaurant and bar that is separate from the actual venue space. Interestingly enough, the stage is just one room over from the restaurant, so I imagine patrons of the restaurant can easily enjoy the music from the restaurant side without the extra expense of buying the tickets. The stage side has its own bar, which did not get crowded at all during the show. I was a little surprised by this because it’s a pretty small bar, but the limited number of people in the venue probably creates a decent ratio.

Since April, I’ve been skimming their site for the next familiar artist we can go see. In the meantime, we plan on heading there for dinner one night to check out their food. Overall, the beer was cold, the music was life changing (hubby made me say that), and I would highly recommend seeing an artist there.

To give you an idea of how close we were to the stage, check out this video we took from the concert:

Have you been to 12th and Porter? What show did you see?


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