Review: Husk Nashville


It’s no secret that Nashville is becoming a foodie town. About a month ago, we had friends in from D.C. who were so excited to explore the Nashville food scene and especially a Sean Brock restaurant. My friend was determined to get reservations at Husk Nashville, an “ingredient-driven cuisine that begins in the rediscovery of heirloom products and redefines what it means to cook and eat in Nashville.”

After some wheeling and dealing with OpenTable (which seems to be a recurrent problem!), we were able to get dinner reservations. Husk is located in a beautiful, old Victorian-style home in Rutledge Hill. For those looking for rehearsal dinner or a dinner event location, this place is sure to impress. The room pictured above is where our table was located and I think this space would make a very nice intimate rehearsal dinner location.

Husk is not your average weekend dinner spot. This is definitely a place I would recommend for family coming into town, client meetings, or an anniversary dinner. The food is excellent and I am happy we were able to experience this place with our friends.

The wait staff was incredibly knowledgable about the food and drink pairings, which I always appreciate at a restaurant because I would prefer not to order a beer if it is going to entirely ruin the taste of the food I selected. We started with the charcuterie plate which was a small, but exactly what you would expect at a restaurant like this. I guess that has always been my personal beef with “fancy” restaurants. Why am I paying $20 dollars to eat two bites of food? Maybe that is just an indication of my unrefined palate.

After asking the waiter for his recommendation, I selected the Catfish with English peas and potlikker. Everything in the dish paired incredibly well together, and given the size of the meal, I could have definitely ordered one more.

The menu at Husk changes frequently and offers those looking for a true culinary experience in Nashville a great venue to do so. If you are a foodie and a Sean Brock fan like my buddy Matt, this place is definitely worth a look.

Looking for other good restaurants to try in Nashville? Nashville Lifestyles published this list of Nashville’s 50 Best Restaurants. So get out your sharpie and start crossing them off!


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