Dare to Bare: Finding a Waxing Place in Nashville

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s hot below the Mason-Dixon! Hot weather means you will likely be showing a little more skin this summer to stay cool, which means no more “I’m just going to be in jeans so I don’t need to shave my legs” excuses. You know you have that one friend who was always willing to share how long it had been since they shaved and wore it like a badge of honor.

I found the experience of finding a waxing place in a new city similar to my experience looking for hair salons. In D.C., I had a girl that I absolutely adored and let me tell you the relationship you have with your waxer is a special bond. Let’s be real, this person is probably “getting to know you” on a whole different level. When I moved to Nashville I was borderline appalled by what people think they can charge for a wax. Yeah, I’m looking at you businesses that charge $83 for a wax! That wax better come with champagne or wine because that is insane.

Despite my preconceived biases against going to European Wax Center from my days in D.C. I decided to check out the one here in Nashville and I’m happy I did. First of all, based on my research, they offer the cheapest prices in the city. Also, I have never had an appointment take longer than 20 minutes and their product recommendations are usually spot on. I have yet to have a waxer that I did not feel comfortable with or struggled to communicate with during my appointment.

For those of you that are still students, they offer some great discounts and package deals that are well worth considering. So ladies…and gentleman…head to European Wax Center and dare to bare silky smooth skin!



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