$2 Cans and Tacos at Hurry Back

My days of $1 pitcher night at the Thirsty Turtle in College Park, MD are long gone, but I think I have found a Nashville bar that helps me reminisce on the days of ole. On Tuesdays, Hurry Back on Elliston has $2 cans and tacos from 5-9 pm. What a deal! Also, how have I missed this over the last 7 months?!

My love for Hurry Back began when I first moved here. We stopped by the bar just to get a feel for our new neighborhood and were extremely impressed by the beer selection. I like to think of myself as quite the beer snob and this place has always satisfied my beer needs. Aside from the beer, the thing that makes this place great is the staff. My husband and I were initially attracted to the place because the one bartender, Tim, was named one of the best bartenders in Nashville. Naturally, we were a little curious as to what this entailed since this was a mostly beer bar. Let me just say, he fully lives up to the title. This guy is either an excellent bullshitter or has one heck of a memory.

We haven’t been in the bar for months and he immediately asked where we have been and what we have been up to. Not to mention, he noticed my husband had recently cut off a significant amount of his hair. I swear the man is magic. We have never had a negative experience with any of the staff and truly appreciate their attention to each patron. Without a doubt, it is really the staff that makes this place shine.

Last night’s featured cans were from Crazy Mountain Brewing Company. I tried both the Wit and the IPA and honestly, I wasn’t super impressed by either, but at $2 a can who’s complaining? If you don’t like the featured cans you can still select from about 10 other can choices.

We got a few beers, tried out the tacos and played some Nintendo; what more could one ask for on a Tuesday night? So if you’re visiting Nashville or if you’re a local, I strongly encourage you to check out this neighborhood bar on a Tuesday or any other day of the week. The beer is good, the tacos are decent, and no bar in Nashville beats the staff here.

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