Ascend Amphitheater: Journey Concert

Some of my fondest memories as a kid involve laying on the carpet in our family room listening to my parents record player. My parents had stacks of vinyl records and the combination of their two collections definitely influenced my eclectic taste in music. My favorite records though were my mom’s Journey records. I think I am one of the only elementary schoolers I knew who A) Even knew who Journey was, and B) Would have rathered listened to them over the Spice Girls.

As some of you may know Journey played last night at the Ascend Amphitheater. Last night was the first time I have gone to a concert at the venue and I can’t wait to go back! For those of you familiar with Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland, the Ascend has a very similar layout and vibe. It’s a large, outdoor venue with both stadium-like seating in the front and lawn seating in the back.

My husband and I opted for the lawn tickets and brought along my trusty Vera Bradley picnic blanket. The acoustics in the place are absolutely phenomenal and so clearly heard, that at one point, I almost wished it was not as loud as it was. We had no issues seeing the performance either and we were very close to the back of the lawn.

Now that I have been to the venue I do have some recommendations for those looking to see a concert there in the future:

  1. Book lawn tickets! You’ll save money and you can see/hear the performance just fine.
  2. Bring a trusty picnic blanket that is easy to transport.
  3. Bring beach chairs. The venue will not allow you to bring in chairs that are 9″ off the ground.
  4. Bring a poncho not an umbrella! We thought it was going to rain last night and brought our umbrellas. We had to leave them at the front gate because they could obstruct others view while at the venue.
  5. Don’t forget bug spray. The bugs were pretty bad at the beginning of the night and I wish we would have brought some spray with us. Bug spray must be pump spray only. Aerosol bug spray is not allowed.

We are already planning our next trip to Ascend and I hope you will check it out before summer is over!

Upcoming performances at Ascend

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