Let Them Eat Pie

Sometimes getting coffee in Nashville is like an Olympic sport. Today I decided to take my work to the satellite offices of a local coffee joint. My eyes were set on Crema, but low and behold there was no parking in their parking lot, or the parking lot next to them, or street parking 2-3 blocks away! I had an appointment in Berry Hill so I decided to try my luck at the Pfunky Griddle and maybe pick up a nice cup of joe and free wifi.

And the drama continues…the Griddle was also packed and the girl at the front was having a less than spectacular day so I left there and sought solace at The Loving Pie Company. When you walk into this place the sounds of Frank Sinatra fill the air. I have been craving apple pie for about three weeks now. I’m not sure why, but dear lord I wanted pie. Maybe some of my fall cravings are starting to kick in.

I came in with two goals: good coffee and good apple pie. The coffee definitely met my expectations, but was probably slightly soured by my dreams of a nice cup of Crema coffee. The pie on the other hand left something to be desired. I hate to say it, but I am now craving store bought apple pie. No bueno.

Everyone has their off day and I’m certain the same applies for pie. Maybe it just wasn’t in the cards today, but I don’t see myself longing for this apple pie anytime soon. Aside from the pie though, the coffee is good, the music is just my style and the staff was incredibly friendly.

Maybe this is a sign from God that I should be saving my money and making coffee at home. Regardless, I’m happy I attempted to break out of the cubby we call an apartment to get some work done.



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